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PABA Disappointed but not Deterred

The Police Accountability Board Alliance is disappointed at the New York Sate Court of Appeals decision to uphold the decision of the lesser courts to suspend the PAB's disciplinary power. Disappointed, but not deterred. We must remember that it is not this one power that defines our agency, but only one of five pillars that the PAB was created to uphold. The PAB remains as an agency that is independent from the City and RPD, tasked with investigating police misconduct and issuing recommendation and evaluations of RPD patterns, practices, policies, and procedures. This Police Accountability Board that we have built together as a community is greater than the sum of its parts. The Board and Agency continue to work towards the goals of creating greater accountability and transparency in the Rochester Police Department. As the Alliance, we will continue to work for the PAB, and fight to ensure that every provision and power that was granted by the Charter is fulfilled.

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